Managed Network Services

As your business evolves so do the requirements of providing connectivity to the services needed by your employees and customers.  Employees are requiring more mobility and different types of connectivity to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.  Customers aren’t only interfacing with your business during the business day, but when it’s convenient for them.  With these increased requirements the technology of your organization needs to be accessible at all times.  Network down time is not an option.

Network Center’s Managed Network Services can administer your business’s connectivity service and proactively monitor and resolve any issues. We monitor your network and can work directly with your internet provider or telco to ensure that the entire network infrastructure remains performing at optimum performance allowing you to focus on your business. With our regional business partnerships and network expertise, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs. 

Important Components of a Managed Network

  • Telco / ISP - Monitor 3rd party services like MPLS and Internet Connectivity
  • Application - Monitor Local/Cloud Applications like Email and ERP
  • Network Availability - Monitor Local and Remote connectivity services like switches, routers and wireless
  • VoIP - Monitor Uptime and Connectivity of Voice Resources